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It’s time to listen to the voices in your head | Charles Fernyhough and Eleanor Longden | Science |

It’s time to listen to the voices in your head | Charles Fernyhough and Eleanor Longden | Science |

Reducing the stigma of hearing voices is the first step to a genuinely humane psychiatry – it is absurd to think that these expereinces are meaningless, or that they can simply be extinguished by medication.

Lady GaGa on hearing voices – YouTube

Lady GaGa on hearing voices – YouTube.

How she copes with voices in her head


For the child in all of us…

Name Calling, Insults and Teasing

For the past few weeks we have been discussing how to deal with criticism.  As I have noted, because criticism is often accompanied by name calling, insults, threats, and even violence, it can be very hard to handle.  Even when criticism is provided in a more supportive manner, threats to our desires to be liked and to be free to do whatever we want can arise, bringing with them feelings of frustration, defensiveness and anger (see post titled WHY IS CRITICISM SO HARD TO BEAR?).

Because these feeling can be so very strong, simply reading about mature ways to respond to criticism, although oftentimes helpful, is not enough to become a master at dealing with criticism.  I have therefore been encouraging exercises that lead us to practice the skills sufficiently so that they become so second-nature to us that even in the most stressful situations we can expertly carry…

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Lou Marinoff: Plato Not Prozac

Lou Marinoff: Plato Not Prozac.

Dare we say “Philosophy, not Olanzapine… at least for a while”? In fact, would this not be an ethical choice in light of current research demonstrating better recovery with reduced medication and more focus on personal expereince in context?

Protecting Children From Toxic Stress –

I think he forgot the mention mental illness, but this might explain many comorbidities…

“Imagine if scientists discovered a toxic substance that increased the risks of cancer, diabetes and heart, lung and liver disease for millions of people. Something that also increased one’s risks for smoking, drug abuse, suicide, teen pregnancy, sexually transmitted disease, domestic violence and depression — and simultaneously reduced the chances of succeeding in school, performing well on a job and maintaining stable relationships? It would be comparable to hazards like lead paint, tobacco smoke and mercury. We would do everything in our power to contain it and keep it far away from children. Right?


Children can be shielded from the most damaging effects of stress if their parents are taught how to respond appropriately.

Well, there is such a thing, but it’s not a substance. It’s been called “toxic stress.”…

Protecting Children From Toxic Stress –

Schizophrenia Becomes Psychosis Susceptibility Syndrome | Mad In America

Anoiksis is the Dutch association of and for people with a psychotic susceptibility. Anoiksis is Greek and freely translated means “Open Mind.” Our core business is facilitating peer support. The new name project is a specifically Anoiksis project; and many members have been involved and have made contributions. To the old name are attached prejudices, misleading significance and stigma, and they can be thrown overboard by introducing a new name – Psychosis Susceptibility Syndrome

Schizophrenia Becomes Psychosis Susceptibility Syndrome | Mad In America.